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Welcome to Lugazi Diocese.

Welcome to the diocese of Lugazi! Find on this website information about the history of the diocese, its bishop, the main functions in the diocese, diocesan statistics, religious communities of men and women with their respective addresses, other institutions including seminaries, catechetical centre, hospitals and health centres, parishes, centres with resident priests, diocesan and relgious priests with their dates of ordination


The Diocese of Lugazi was erected on 23rd February 1997, with Bishop Matthias Ssekamanya as its First Ordinary. This territory was formerly part of the Archdiocese of Kampala and is now a suffragan of the metropolitan Archdiocese of Kampala.


The Rt. Matthias Ssekamanya was born at Luteete Health centre on 15 Oct.1936, Mulajje Parish (then Kampala Archdiocese) now Kasana-Luweero. His parents lived at Bubuubi near Zirobwe. Ordained Priest 19th December 1965 at Lubaga Cathedral by Bishop J. Grief. Appointed Auxilliary Bishop of Kampala Archdiocese on 30th March, 1985 and consecrated on 2nd June, 1985 at Namugongo by His Eminence Emmanuel Cardinal Nsubuga. Appointed First Bishop of Lugazi on 30th Nov. 1996 and took Canonical possession of Lugazi on 23rd February, 1997.

The Rt. Matthias Ssekamanya

The Rt. Rev. Matthias Ssekamanya was born at Luteete Health Centre on 15 October 1930, Mulajje Parish (then Kampala Archdiocese) now Kasana-Luweero. His parents lived at Bubuubi near Zirobwe. He was ordained Priest 19th December 1965 at Lubaga Cathedral by Bishop J.Grief.
On 30th March, 1985 he was appointed Auxilliary Bishop of Kampala Archdiocese and was consecrated on 2nd June, 1985 at Namugongo by His Eminence Emmanuel Cardinal Nsubuga. Bishop Ssekamanya was appointed First Bishop of Lugazi on 30th November, 1996 and took Canonical possession of Lugazi on 23rd February, 1997.


Description Number
Area  4,594  Sq Km 
Population 1,548,250
Catholics 667,663
Parishes  21
Diocesan Priests 77
Local Congregations of Religious Sisters 2
Missionary Priests 8
Missionary Sisters 29
Catechists 365


position name



Vicar General Msgr. Richard Kayondo
Chancellor Fr. John Chrysostom Sserwadda
Bishop’s Private Secretary Fr. Anthony Sseryazi Mugambe
Treasurer Fr. Paul Muyimbwa
Secretary for Education Fr. Peter Ntege
Religious Education Fr. Fr. Ignatius Ndawula
Director for Caritas Fr. Denis Luntamye
Pastoral Coordinator/Director for the Laity Fr. Jude Matovu
Director for the Catechists Fr. Ignatius Kivumbi
Medical Services Director Fr. Charles Ssempagama
Officialitas Kampala Archdiocese
Vocations’ Chaplain Msgr. Richard Kayondo
Director of P.M.S. Fr. Ignatius Ndawula
Liturgy Msgr. Richard Kayondo
Information Secretary Fr. Joseph Lubula
Land Fr. Anthony Gesuula
Youth Chaplain (Outside Schools) Fr. Benjamin Lubega
Youth Chaplain (In Schools) Fr. Anthony Balagira

Board of Consultors             

Msgr. Richard Kayondo
Fr. Joseph Mukasa Balikuddembe
Fr. Ignatius Kivumbi
Fr. Maurice Kigoye
Fr. Anthony Gesuula
Fr. Vincent Wasswa
Fr. Ignatius Kayita
Fr. Denis Luntamye
Fr. Paul Muyimbwa
Fr. Anthony Mugambe


:Msgr. Richard Kayondo
:Fr. Joachim Mugalu
:Fr. John Chrysostom Maviiri


Bukeerere Parish
C/O  Lugazi Diocese
P. O Box 87
Diocesan Priests.Tel. 0772-449978


Mbikko Parish  (St.  Karoli Lwanga )  1992
Mill Hill Missionaries
P.O  Box  1536  Jinja Tel.  0711120210


Buvuma Parish  (  St. John Baptist)
P.O Box  87, Lugazi
Diocesan Priests. Tel.  0782 282 968


Mukono Parish      (St. Paul)  1997
P.O Box 426 Mukono
Tel.  0772 949 950
e-mail .


Kabimbiri:  Our Lady of Assumption (1957)
P.O  Box 210115
Diocesan Priests.
Tel. 0772-494034


Naggalama Parish   (St.  Joseph) 1896
P.O Box 22002  Naggalama
Tel. 0772411979
Diocesan Priests, Little Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi.


Kangulumira:         Holy Cross (1982)
P.O  Box   2099 Jinja
Diocesan Priests.
Tel. 0782-466922

Nakibano Parish ( Our Lady of the Holy Rosary)
P. O Box 87, Lugazi
Tel. 075 1606390


Kasawo:  Our Lady of Immaculate Conception
C/O Lugazi Diocese
P.O Box  87,  Lugazi
Diocesan Priests.
Tel.  0712  486 653


Namagunga Parish (St. Peter Claver & Sacred Heart 1927)
Box 73 Lugazi           Tel. 0772-485551
Diocesan Priests, Little Sisters of St. Francis 


Kayunga:      (Our Lady of Fatima)  1949
P.O  Box 18012 Kayunga.
Diocesan Priests.
Tel. 0772-550966


Namiryango Parish (Our Lady of Lourdes 1907)
P.o. Box 34 Mukono           
Tel: 041-290520 / 0712-964901
Diocesan Priests, Little Sisters of St. Francis.


Kisoga Parish  (St. Joseph Balikuddembe)
P.O Box  10559  Kampala and  Box 42  Mukono
Servants of May ( Fathers and Sisters)
Tel. 0772-895547


Nazigo Parish (Sacred Heart 1968)
Box 18120 Kayunga
Tel. 0782- 761995
Diocesan Priests, Little Sisters of St. Francis


Kitimbwa Parish (St. Matthias Mulumba)  1997
P.O Box  18012  Kayunga
Diocesan Priests.


Nkokonjeru Parish ( Queen of Peace 1896)
P.O. Box 23 Nkokonjeru
Tel. 0772-411979
Diocesan Priests, Little Sisters of St. Francis

Lugazi Parish ( St. Kizito )  1994
P.O  Box  35  Lugazi
Tel. 0414 448246


Ntunda Parish (St. Mary’s 1998)
P.O.Box 18223 Kayunga
Tel. 0782-536487
Diocesan Priests


Malongwe Parish   ( St.  Mary)   19956
P.O Box 87,  Lugazi
Tel. 0072 539567      e-mail .


Nyenga Parish (St. Francis 1901)
P.O.Box 274, Lugazi
Tel. 0712-997184
Diocesan Priests, Little Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi





Description Date of Ordination
Fr. Bakachi Clement 10.07.2011
Fr. Balagira Anthony 10.08.1996
Fr. Bette Charles 28.07.2007
Fr. Bwenvu Gerald 28.07.2012
Fr. Gavamukulya Albert 29.11.1981
Fr. Gesuula Anthony 08.07.1990
Fr. Jjemba Charles Lwanga 25.07.1998
Fr. Kafeero Athanasius 22.07.1995
Fr. Kakumirizi Charles 18.05.1975
Fr. Katwere Aloysius Gonzaga 12.09.1992
Fr. Kayita Ignatius 28.06.1987
Fr. Msgr. Kayondo Richard 26.08.1984
Fr. Kibowa Ignatius 12.08.1992
Fr. Kiggundu Anatoli 10.08.1996
Fr. Kigoye Maurice 03.06.1983
Fr. Kimuli Gyaviira 11.09.1993
Fr. Kivumbi Ignatius 03.06.1983
Fr. Kyeyune Vianney 28.07.2012
Fr. Lubega Benjamin 25.07.2009
Fr. Lubega Kasozi Godfrey 08.07.1990
Fr. Lubula Joseph 28.08.2010
Fr. Lukyamuzi Simon Peter 29.07.2006
Fr. Lule John 21.07.2007
Fr. Matovu Jude Thaddeous 30.07.2005
Fr. Maviiri Ndidde John Chrysostom 29.11.1981
Fr. Mawayira Kizito 28.08.2004
Fr. Mawejje Matthias 28.08.2007
Fr. Mbaalu Thomas 24.07.2004
Fr. Mbowa Godfrey 25.07.2009
Fr. Mubinge Katumbula Anthony 04.04.1979
Fr. Mugabo Deogratias 16.08.1997
Fr. Mugalu Joachim 16.02.1986
Fr. Mugambe Anthony 09.12.2006
Fr. Mugerwa Benedict 28.07.2012
Fr. Mukasa Henry 29.07.2006
Fr. Mukasa Joseph Balikuddembe 11.12.1966
Fr. Mulinda Lawrence 22.07.1995
Fr. Musanje John Chrysostom 03.07.1988
Fr. Musisi Joseph 11.09.1993
Fr. Muyimbwa Paul 15.07.2000
Fr. Ndawula Ignatius 16.08.1997
Fr. Nnunda Pius 16.08.1997
Fr. Nsekanabo Joseph 28.08.1904
Fr. Nsubuga Bikompole Francis 11.09.1993
Fr. Nsubuga Francis Xavier 18.05.1975
Fr. Nsubuga Joseph 28.07.2012
Fr. Nsubuga Paul 10.12.1967
Fr. Ntege Peter Richard 12.09.1982
Fr. Nzirubusa Emmanuel 10.08.1996
Fr. Okech Stephen 05.10.1985
Fr. Safari Eugene 12.09.1992
Fr. Ssali Aloysius 28.07.2012
Fr. Ssebitoogo Paul 09.08.2003
Fr. Ssebunnya Augustine 29.11.1981
Rt. Rev. Ssekamanya Matthias (Bishop) 19.12.1965
Fr. Ssempijja Charles 10.08.1996
Fr. Ssemwogerere Ntwatwa Matthias 15.06.2002
Fr. Ssenkooto John Leonard 08.07.1990
Fr. Sserunjogi Expedit 21.09.1986
Fr. Sserwadda David 26.07.2008
Fr. Sserwadda John Chrysostom 16.08.1997
Fr. Ssessanga Simon Peter 25.07.2009
Fr. Ssimbwa Mathias 08.12.1974
Fr. Ssonko John Baptist 14.07.2001
Fr. Walakira Emmanuel 16.08.1997
Fr. Wamala Joseph 16.07.2011
Fr. Wasswa John Bosco 16.07.2011
Fr. Wasswa Vincent 19.06.1983
Fr. Yiga Denis 03.06.1983

Consolata Father ,Kiwanga
Fr. Charles Gachingiri, imc (Vocations Director)

Fr. Matthew Okoth

St. Joseph's missionary society/Mill hill missionaries

Fr. Otto Bambokela

Servants of Mary
1. Fr. Kyaterekera Deogratias
2. Fr. Kyeyune Robert
3. Fr. Byomuhangi Jude Thaddeus

Mill Hill Missionaries
Fr. Otto Bombokela

Fr. Patras Kerketta

Order of st. Camillus
Fr. O’Connor Thomas
Fr. Smith Thomas




Namagunga Primary Boarding Schoool
P.O. Box 68, Lugazi
Tel. 0752-748277

St. Joseph’s College Namagunga
P.O. Box 73,
Tel. Office : 0414-573353
Mob.  : 0772-441400

Uganda Martyrs. Junior Boys School – Namilyango
P.O. Box 214 Mukoo
Or P.O. Box 2116 Kampala
Tel. office:  0414376893
Mobile: 0752-699555

Our Lady of Africa S.S. Namilyango
P.O. Box 128, Sseeta, Mukono
Tel. St. Mathias Kalemba Secondary School Nazigo
P.O. Box 18256, Kayunga
Tel. 0434 – 130110
Fax:  0434-130491
E-mail:  st.kalemba@yahoo.com041 372462  /  0712-814670

St. Thereza Namilyango Girls Boarding Primary School
P.O. Box 562 Mukono
Tel.   0414-571182   Mob. 0773-214345

St. Pontiano Ngondwe’s Senior Secondary School Kangulumira
P.O. Box 98 Jinja
Tel.  0772-666355
St. Lawrence S.S.S Ssonde, Namugongo
P.O. Box 9386, Kampala
Tel:  0414-372156  /  0772-460356

St. Agnes Catholic Girls Boarding Primary School Naggalama
P.O. Box 22004, Naggalama
Tel. 0414-388806  /0772503107

Seeta High School
(Main Campus)
P.O. Box 417, Mukono
Tel. 0414-571189    


Seeta High School
(Mbalala Campus)
P.O. Box 417, Mukono
Tel. 0414-594073

Stella Maris Boarding Primary School, Nsuube
P.O. Box 3, Nkokonjeru
Tel. 0772-690745


St. Francis Naggalama Hospital
P.O. Box 22004 Naggalama
Tel. +256392-702709


Lugazi University
P.O. Box 310, Lugazi
Tel:  0414-379544
0414-379528/ 0414-379524

St. Francis Nkokonjeru Hospital
P.O. Box 20 Nkokonjeru
Tel. +256392-737648

St. Denis Vocational Technical School Bukeerere
P.O. Box 20047, Kampala
Tel.  0782-026196

St. Francis Hospital Nyenga
P.O. Box 24 Jinja
Tel. +25643-130971 E-mail:

St. Charles LwangaTech. Institute – Malongwe
P.O. Box 211, Lugazi.

St. Charles Lwanga Buikwe Hospital
P.O. Box 134, Lugazi
Tel. +256 774-342186

Sancta Maria Primary Teachers College Nkokonjeru
P.O. Box 196, Lugazi

Holy Cross and Mother of God Kangulumira Mission Health Centre II
P.O. Box 2099 Jinja Kayunga.
Tel. +256 773-396861


Mt. St. Mary’s College Namagunga
P.O. Box 18,
Tel. 0414-448280     E-mail:

Kayunga Namagabi Health Centre
P.O. Box 18012 Kayunga

Namilyango College
P.O. Box 7091, Kampala
Tel. 0414-290009 / 0414-290075  / 0782-436190

Kasawo Mission Health Centre
P.O. Box 87, Lugazi
Tel. +256 782-971648
+256 782-937066

St. Joseph Senior Secondary School

P.O. Box 22002, Naggalama, Uganda
Tel. Office:  0414-376935
H/M:  0772- 431674

Bukeerere Health Centre II
P.O. Box 247, Kampala
Tel. +256 785366427

St. Balikuddembe Senior Secondary School Kisoga
P.O. Box 250, Mukono
Tel. 0774-215996 / 0782-659408


The Good Samaritan Sisters
Ttakajunge Health Centre
P.O. Box 331, Mukono
Tel. +256 752-574545

St. Peter’s Nkokonjeru Senior Secondary School

P.O. Box 28, Nkokonjeru
Tel. 0414-574737  /   0772-496498


St. Joseph’s Seminary Nyenga
P.O Box 150, Jinja
Tel.+256752-691691 E-mail,

Religious order of priests

Religous order of Priests

Consolata Missionaries
Consolata Youth Centre - Kiwanga
P.O. Box 40088
Nakawa – Kampala
Tel. 0414- 290296 and 0772-998217

St. Joseph’s Missionary Society/Mill Hill Missionaries
St. Karoli Lwanga Mbikko Parish
P.O. Box 1536 Jinja
Tel. 0711120210 and 0779-540718

Servants of Mary
Kisoga Parish
P.O. Box 10559 Kampala and P.O. Box 42 Mukono
Tel. 0772-894306

The Augustinians of the Assumption (Assumptionists)
Kyabakadde Sub-parish,
Naggalama Parish
P.O Box 22002, Naggalama
Tel. +256753-541403 E-mail:

Religious orders of women

Little Sisters of St. Francis, Nkokonjeru (founded by Mother Kevin on 1st May 1923)
Tel. +256772-827085

Good Samaritan Sisters (founded in 1978 by Emmanuel Cardinal Nsubuga as diocesan congregation in Kampala Archdiocese)
P.O. Box 489, MUKONO
Tel. +256772-389863

Franciscan Missionaries Sisters for Africa (founded by Mother Kevin) - Mbikko Parish
P.O. Box 1983 JINJA
Tel. +256434-121342 Fax: +256434-120187

Religious of the Sacred Heart Novitiate Uganda/ Kenya
Naava Road, 38-Mbikko, Parish
P.O Box 689 – JINJA
Tel. +256775-280480 E-mail:

Missionary Sisters Queen of Apostles
St. Mary’s Parish Malongwe, P.O Box 74, Lugazi
Tel. +256788235878 E-mail.

Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary
Sacred Heart Community -Upper Kauga
P.O Box 27, Mukono.
Tel. +256414 290 326 E-mail:

Mantellate Sisters Servants of Mary
P.O Box 4635, Kampala Or
P.O Box 10559 Kampala
P.O Box 42 Mukono
Tel. +256772 753135

The Oblates of the Assumption Sisters
Kyabakadde Sub-Parish
Naggalama Parish
P.O Box 22002 Naggalama
Tel. +256753-516888

Sisters of the Blessed Virgin - Kabimbiri Parish
P.O. Box 18261 Kayunga
Tel. +256789648923

Some convents of local religous congregations

Little Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi
P.O Box 80, Nkokonjeru
Tel. +256772 827085

St. Thereza Little Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi
Convent- Namagunga
P.O Box 68, Lugazi
Tel. +256772-402571

Our Lady of Good Counsel
Little Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi
P.O Box 712 Naggalama
Tel. +256414-388806 E-mail:

The Good Samaritan Sisters -Takajjunge Convent
P.O Box 489, Mukono
Tel. +25672 389863

Little Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi
Kayunga Convent
P.O Box 18012, Kayunga.
Tel. +256772.685556

Our Lady and St. Michael
Little Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi- Nazigo Convent
P.O Box 18120, Kayunga.
Tel. +256782-422857, +256772-499405

Little Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi
Namiryango Convent
P.O. Box 214,Mukono.
Tel. +256772-634867 /+256752699555

Little Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi
Buvuma Convent
P.O Box 87 Lugazi. Tel. +256782-258168



Bishop’s House Lugazi
P.O. Box 87 Lugazi & P.O. Box 7234 Kampala
Tel. 256 -75-695146 or 256-077- 466562