Pontifical Missionary Childhood (PMC) animators have been encouraged to pray to be true witnesses of the Gospel, vessels of reconciliation, promoters of justice and true adult companions to children and to encourage the children to remain near Jesus Christ their friend and teacher through their behaviour.
In his Homily during the celebration of The Archdiocese of Nairobi PMC annual day at Mji Wa Furaha, on 13th, January, 2018, PMC National Director at The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) Very Rev. Fr. Celestino Bundi urged the animators to become dynamic missionaries who touch the hearts of people to make them committed, responsible and ready to go on mission.
“We must represent the new dawn which clearly shows the relevance of Pontifical Mission Societies as pastoral tools of the Holy Father, Pope Francis for communion and solidarity of Churches. The encounter with children should enable them to announce the good news to the world as announced by Blessed Virgin Mary to Elizabeth causing a spirit of joy and confession,” he said.
Fr Bundi said that, the service requires faith, patience, good preparation, sacrifice and social network for support adding that, PMC animators need to build synergy, work as a team, walk in the light of Christ and whole heartedly emulate the Blessed Virgin Mary the Role model in Faith.
He thanked religious men and women, priests and deacons for their kind and encouraging words to the children as they share the Word of God and Break the Bread to them, praying to God to help children to grow in Stature and Wisdom like Jesus Christ, their friend being loved by God and Humanity.
As the animators gathered to launch the New Year and pray for God’s grace to better serve humanity and offer support to each other, it was also an opportunity for them to renew their promises to be one family that is open to challenges, difficulties, joys and sorrows of being authentic witnesses.


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