The Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) has strongly condemned the production and sale of a Chitenge, a cotton print clothing bearing the image of a fake Pope, which is currently being sold to unsuspecting Catholic Community.
According to a press statement sent to media houses by ZCCB Director of Communications Rev. Fr. Winfield Kunda, unscrupulous people have produced Chitenge bearing the portrait of Pope “Francis Benedict XVI”, who actually has never existed.
Fr. Kunda clarified that in the history of the Catholic Church, there has never been any Pope with the name Francis Benedict XVI.
“This development is meant to dupe people out of their hard earned cash. We further warn the producers and all involved in the selling of such material to withdraw it out of the market immediately,” the statement said.
The Catholic Church in Zambia further advised that anybody who wants to buy genuine Chitenge carrying the current Pope’s image, should contact the Pontifical Mission Society in all the dioceses in Zambia or Catholic Secretariat in Lusaka.


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