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The Catholic Diocese of Soroti was erected on March 29th 1981, being partitioned from Tororo Diocese. It comprises of six civil districts of Soroti, Katakwi, Kabermaido, Kumi, Amuria and Bukedea. Tribes inhabiting the Diocese are mainly Iteso, Kumam and Bakenye.


The Ordinary, Rt. Rev. Emmanuel Obbo

The Ordinary, Rt. Rev. Emmanuel Obbo, AJ was born in Nagongera Parish in Tororo (Archdiocese of Tororo) on 7th Oct. 1952.

He was ordained priest of the Congregation of the Apostles of Jesus (AJ) on 13th Dec. 1986 in Nagongera Parish. He was appointed second Bishop of Soroti Catholic Diocese on 27th June 2007.

He was ordained Bishop and installed as the second Ordinary of Soroti Catholic Diocese on 6th Oct. 2007. Currently he is the Apostolic administrator of Soroti.

Right Rev. Erasmus D Wandera

The Retired Bishop of Soroti Catholic Diocese,Right Rev. Erasmus D Wandera, was born at Osia in Tororo (Archdiocese of Tororo) on 16th April 1930. He was ordained priest on 27th December 1956. He was appointed first Bishop of Soroti on 29th November. 1980, and consecrated Bishop on 29th March 1981. He retired on 6th October 2007.

Rt. Rev. Emeritus Erasmus Wandera
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Tel:  078-2-981973

Soroti Catholic Diocese,Bishop’s House,
P.O. Box 650,
Soroti - Uganda.
Tel:  045-44-63468,
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