Deceased Bishops

The Late Bishop Emeritus of Mbarara Rt. Rev. John Baptist Kakubi

The Late Bishop Emeritus of Mbarara Rt. Rev. John Baptist Kakubi (1969-1991) was born 23rd Sept 1929 at Birunduma, Bukanga and died on 11th February 2016. On 11th June 1960 he was Ordained Priest of Mbarara Diocese. On 26th June 1969 he was appointed Bishop of Mbarara Diocese. On 1st August 1969 he was Ordained Bishop of Mbarara Diocese. On 23rd November, 1991 he retired as Bishop of Mbarara Diocese.


The Late Rt. Rev. Barnabas Halem’Imana

The Rt. Rev. Barnabas Halem’Imana was born at Rulangara, Busanza, Kisoro District in 1927. He was ordained a priest on 7th December 1958. On 1st August 1969 he was ordained the first Residential Bishop of Kabale Diocese. He retired on 15th July 1994 and died on 3rd January 2016. View Photos


The late Rt. Rev. Joseph B. L. Willigers, MHM

Bishop Joseph Bernard Louis Willigers M.H.M. (born 26 Oct 1930, died 30 Sep 2012) Bishop Emeritus of Jinja. was born in Gronsvld (The Netherlands) on the 26th of October 1930 and died Sunday, 30 September 2012 in his home country. He was ordained priest in Mill Hill (England) on the 10th of July 1955. Doctorate in Canon Law, Gregorian University Rome 1955-1958, arrived in Uganda in 1959 and transferred to Kenya in 1960. He was appointed first Bishop of the Diocese of Jinja on the 13th July 1967 and was ordained Bishop on the 3rd December 1967.

On 2nd March,2010, the Holy Father accepted his resignation from the pastoral care of the Diocese of Jinja and appointed him Apostolic Administrator of Jinja.


The Late Rt.Rev. Robert Mary Gay was born in Ottawa, Canada on 22nd January 1927 and died on 29th June 2016. On 31st January 1954 he was ordained a priest of the Congregation of the Missionaries of Africa. He served as Superior General of the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers) from 1980 to 1986. He was appointed Apostolic Administrator of Kabale Diocese on 15th July 1994 after the retirement of Rt.Rev.Barnabas R. Halem’Imana. On 22nd January 1996, he was appointed Bishop of Kabale and on 9th March 1996 was ordained Bishop. He retired on 8th June 2003. He has since been assisting the priests in Uganda for renewal courses and retreats at St. Augustine’s Institute, Kampala which belongs to the Uganda Episcopal Conference.


The Rt. Rev. Frederick Drandua (RIP), was born in Uleppi Parish on 12th August 1943 died on 1st September 2016, was ordained a priest on 9th August 1970. He was appointed Bishop of Arua Diocese on 27th May 1986.

Consecrated Bishop of Arua on 15th August 1986. Due to health condition Bishop Frederick retired from the Episcopal See of Arua Diocese on 19th August 2009.

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