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Archbishop John Baptist OdamaWelcome to the official website of the Catholic Church in Uganda. You will find on this website information about different dioceses in Uganda (parishes, religious communities, priests, institutions, etc.), the different commissions, institutions, and departments of the Catholic Secretariat, as well as important links to the Church universal and its organs. You can also read about the recent publications and press releases of the Uganda Episcopal Conference.

The Uganda Episcopal Conference is the Assembly of the Catholic Hierarchy in Uganda, constituted with the approval of the Holy See, through which bishops express their collegial responsibility through collective action, to assure the progress of the Church and coordination of its social and pastoral ministry. It is headed by a Chairman elected every four years. He is assisted by an Executive Board, also chosen every four years, Bishop Joseph Antony Zziwacomposed of six Chairmen of various Commissions.The Episcopal Conference of Uganda was founded in 1960.

Dduring their Annual Plenary of 2014, members of the Uganda Episcopal Conference, re-elected His Grace John Baptist Odama [above] and Rt. Rev. Joseph Antony Zziwa [left] as Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively for the next 4 years.

The Secretary General of the Conference remains Msgr. Dr. John B. Kauta for the same period.



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